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labor day weekend
August 30
August 31

a welcome note

Welcome to official website of the 1st Annual Booker Road Family Reunion!

We are overjoyed to invite you to a heartwarming celebration of our shared heritage, taking place on the beloved Booker Road, just outside of Charleston, Mississippi. This year, a dedicated committee has been working passionately to bring together the many branches of our family tree.

Rather than focusing on one particular family, we believe it's essential to honor the land that has been the foundation of our history. The soil of Booker Road has witnessed the stories of our forebears, the BOOKER, WARD,  MARTIN,  DAVIS, TURNER, HARRIS and other families who have left their mark on this cherished place. It is the land that binds us together, and it is the land that we celebrate.

Our reunion is not just about reconnecting; it's about strengthening the bonds that tie us to our history, our land, and each other. We aim to create a legacy of love, laughter, and traditions that will be cherished by generations to come. While there may be challenges along the way, our committee is wholeheartedly committed to making this reunion an unforgettable experience filled with joy and FUN!

Get ready for an exciting lineup of events, including:

  • MEET AND GREET FISH FRY, Friday, August 30th – a delicious opportunity to catch up with loved ones!

  • FAMILY COOKOUT on Saturday, August 31st -- featuring a lively DJ, entertaining activities for the kids, and live entertainment (to be confirmed) – a day filled with mouthwatering food and endless fun!


We invite you to be an integral part of this heartwarming journey by sharing your treasured stories, photos, and memories on our website and social media pages. Your contributions will help us weave a vibrant tapestry of our family history, celebrating our roots and the love that has kept us connected through the land and the generations.

If you plan to join us for this joyous occasion, please REGISTER through our website to help us create the best possible experience for everyone.

We understand that our family is spread far and wide, but we encourage you to come home to Booker Road and be a part of this celebration of our shared heritage. If you can't make it this year, don't worry – this is just the beginning of a beautiful tradition.

Please share our website and social media pages with your family members, and let's create lasting memories together while strengthening the ties that bind us, honoring our past, and building a brighter future on the land that has always been our home.

We can't wait to fellowship with you all at the 1st Annual Booker Road Family Reunion 


Booker road, Charleston, Mississippi
JULY 15, 2024 
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